Using Windows Task Scheduler to Start Auto Web Orders

Modified on Fri, 9 Feb at 10:22 AM

Auto Web Orders is a critical part of RMSify and must be running in the background as often as possible. Auto Web Orders starts up by default when you first click on the Get Web Orders button on the POS. However, you may wish for this to be started up automatically, for example if you're using the Automatic Transactions process or perhaps don't open the Web Orders UI that frequently but still wish for RMSify to be reading your orders to commit stock in RMS.

To set up a scheduled task to run Auto Web Orders do the following:

  • Search for Task Scheduler in your Windows Start Menu, open it and navigate to your Task Scheduler Library.
  • On the right-hand side click on "Create Task":
  • In the form that opens up, give the task a suitable name and tick the "Run with highest Privileges" box:
  • Navigate to the "Triggers" tab. Here click "New..." and change the "Begin the task" option to "At log on":
    • Please note that users will be required to have admin privileges in order to run Auto Web Orders. If you have users set up that don't have admin rights then you may wish to select a specific user rather than any user.
  • Next, click on the actions tab and create a new action. From here, select "Start a program" and browse to your RMSify install path and select "RMSifyAutomaticWebOrders.exe":
    • The default install path for RMSify is "C:\Program Files (x86)\K3 Retail\RMSify\RMSifyAutomaticWebOrders.exe"
  • Press OK to come out of all menus and your task will be created.

You can test that the scheduled task is working by attempting to run it manually and confirming the process is running in Task Manager.

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