I am seeing error messages in the sync log, what do they mean?

Modified on Tue, 02 Jan 2024 at 04:20 PM

During the synchronisation in either direction, the Log section gives you some really useful information as to what is going on with the sync you are attempting 

There are 3 types of log message, indicated by the icon.

Success: This indicates that something has happened successfully. For example, a product has been successfully uploaded, or a product has been updated for. 

Warning: This informational message alerts you that something has changed which you need to be aware of, or something has been uploaded that you need to consider as it may not be right. An example of this might be a product which has been uploaded with a Zero price, or informing you that one of the synchronization rules have changed. 

Error: This means something during the synchronization has failed. Usually, these errors will tell you what the fault is so you can correct them. This may be that it was unable to connect to Shopify, or perhaps that an image failed to upload due to it already being in use for another product.

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