Automatically Create RMS Transactions

Modified on Mon, 15 Jan at 11:25 AM

RMSify allows you to automatically create transactions for Shopify Web Orders in RMS. When enabled, you must ensure that RMSify Automatic Web Orders is running on your Web Store POS. When running, Auto Web Orders will check for new orders from your Shopify store every 5 minutes. When an order meets the set criteria (i.e. Fulfilled/Paid) RMSify will automatically create a corresponding transaction in your RMS database for the Web Order.

This setting gives you the flexibility of allowing you to fulfil your orders through the Shopify admin panel but still track and amend stock in your RMS system to ensure inventory levels are as accurate as possible.

This setting can be enabled in the RMSify Sync Settings under the rules tab and enabling "Automatically Create RMS Transactions":

Once enabled, you'll need to decide when you want RMSify to create the transactions by setting the "Create Transactions When" option:

  • When set to Fulfilled, RMSify will automatically create a transaction in RMS as soon as you mark the order as fulfilled in Shopify. 
    • RMSify will still commit stock on orders that haven't yet been fulfilled and committed stock will be released when the transaction is created in RMS.
  • When set to Paid, RMSify will automatically create a transaction in RMS as soon as the order in Shopify is marked as Paid.
    • Stock will typically not be committed in this instance as orders will typically come through as 'Paid' immediately. This means that the transaction will be created almost instantly and instead of being set to committed, the stock will be removed from your on-hand quantities

You'll also need to select your preferred cashier to be assigned to the transactions in RMS. This drop-down will list all cashiers listed in your RMS database.

Finally, you can specify a register for the transactions to be created against. Web Order Transactions will be posted into the currently open batch on the specified register.

When enabling this setting in a HQ environment, RMSify will automatically create #51 Worksheets to update your nominated Web Stores settings. You'll need to ensure these worksheets are processed to ensure Auto Transactions is enabled at the Store level.

Like Transactions, you also have the option of automatically creating returns. Auto returns will identify any orders that have been refunded or partially refunded and process a corresponding return in RMS. Important note: When this setting is enabled, the stock for any refunds will be sent back to your on-hand quantities. If you aren't receiving the stock back you'll need to ensure to manually adjust the stock accordingly.

Auto Transactions can be enabled without Auto Refunds but Auto Refunds CANNOT be enabled without Auto Transactions. If you wish to create automatic refunds RMSify will also create automatic transactions.

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